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Performance cattle that calve
on the range and graze through the winter.



Carcass Quality

We have collected carcass data on many sire groups for more than 20 years. We have collected ultrasound data for 14 bull sales. DS Six Shooter has had tenderness data collected and is above average.

Last year's bottom end of the bull calves were sent on the IBP Grid. They cleared $4.00 per hundred weight over the market or pay weight of 1320 x .04 = 52.80 dollars over the market. These were the culls. Just imagine what they would have done if the whole group of bull calves were steered!

There are a lot of bulls for sale with high carcass EPDs. There are a lot of big name breeders trying to get you to buy their bulls promising great carcass premiums and services. Just remember the whole picture. Most of those programs donít put selection pressure on feed efficiency, fleshing ability, or mothering ability. First, you have to have a healthy live calf. Then it has to gain and convert feed to carcass weight efficiently. The half-sisters need to breed, have nice udders, and survive on low quality forage.

You may receive $50.00 per head in carcass premiums. However, if you have to feed your cows more to maintain them, they donít rebreed, or they donít even calve, then the $50.00 premium didnít gain you a thing.

We raise balanced non-pampered cattle that perform all the way from the pasture to the rail.


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