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Performance cattle that calve
on the range and graze through the winter.




  • Smaller framed, big-ribbed cattle with optimum milk production that can function on your available forage with little or no supplemental hay or grains.

  • Genetics from a cow herd that is required to calve on the open range, even first calf heifers.

  • Genetics from a cow herd where there are no "free passes."  She must calve and rebreed on grass with no human help.  No excuses!  No pets!

  • Genetics from a cow herd that stress longevity.  13-15 year old cows still raising calves on minimal inputs.  These are genetics from proven females not from over-pampered flush cows that may have had only 1 or 2 natural calves.

  • Genetics from low input females that are also proven for carcass traits and value.

  • Big ribeye bulls with above average marbling and tenderness.

  • Genetics from a herd that has for 40 years selected for feedlot gain and feed conversion.




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