• Simmental
  • Angus
  • Red Angus       



Performance cattle that calve
on the range and graze through the winter.



10H 15yr old

A good P Cow that knows how to get it done

BB rides shotgun


Designated baby sitter!

First Calf Heifer doing what they are supposed to do, on their own!

First calf Heifer just calved, sometime in the night

First calf heifer on the range

First calf heifer pasture

First calf Son Of Boone Heifer

Fist calf Heifer out of 170S. They hold their shape with not feed wagon

Its a long walk to water these days

See you the first of June for breeding

Son of Boone Heifer

The ponds are dry. It used to be a great bass pond.

They are required to calve and graze year-around. Even first calf heifers.



Kirk Dickinson        2324 370th Ave.        Gorham KS 67640        1-888-603-BULL


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